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announces GROW WITH MATH Program

We, at diksa, have been teaching children language, math and thinking skills for over two decades.

This has helped us develop a deeper under-standing of the typical challenges that children face when they try to learn anything new. This is especially true of mathematics.

Thanks to this understanding, we have worked with experts and developed a comprehensive program for teaching math - "GROW WITH MATH". The program includes many hands-on activities to help children visualise and understand math concepts and practice procedures & skills in a fun way.

The program is structured, systematic and creatively designed to address the conceptual understanding of math over speed.

Program Objective

  • Help the children learn and master the primary math concepts
  • Develop fluency, confidence, enthusiasm and comfort with math and help remove the general math phobia
  • Learn to apply math principles in daily life
  • Inculcate logical and critical thinking skills
  • Develop mathematical thinking in children
  • Making math accessible to all children
  • Enjoy and appreciate the beauty of mathematics
Program audience

This workshop is for children in Grade from 1 to 7.

Lead Faculty

Program Architect: Mr S. Sundaram
Lead Faculty: Mrs Anuraadha Jaishankar
Mrs.Lekha Ganduri
Mrs. Namagiri Ravindran.

Diksa learning centre,
11, First Floor,
Vijayaraghava Lane,
T. Nagar,
Chennai 600017.

Fees: Rs 2000 per month.

For admission mail diksalearning@gmail.com:

Call Anuraadha Jaishankar, Program Director at 9940946833 or Namagiri Ravindran at 9962545294.


"The course was well planned..and it really helped my son understand the basic concepts.My son wants to attend your next workshop."

"For the first time in so many years, I didn't sit with my daughter to complete her homework.She did the homework independently and she was happy. She even tried to explain what she learnt."

"My daughter said that the teachers explained all the concepts very patiently and she felt comfortable. She was able to understand the concepts easily."

"My children came out smiling after three hours of doing math every day."