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Dyslexia is a true gift - how?
Dyslexia is a true gift - how?

Dyslexia is a word commonly associated with disability, a difficulty with letter sound association – a disability that causes difficulty in reading, spelling, writing and so on. So, why would it be a gift?
That is because this difficulty is actually due to a very unique way in which these individuals process information. Dyslexics have very special perceptual and information processing talent which actually interferes with the more common “systematic” elaboration / processing of language and numbers found in the non-dyslexic individuals.
Dyslexics have very strongly evolved right brain functions. They are intuitive, random, and imaginative and think in colours and pictures. “A picture is worth a thousand words” for them. Therefore their speed in processing information and making connections to seemingly disjointed pieces of information is very high, almost 400 - 2000 times faster than a non dyslexic individual.
Dyslexics are by nature more curious and more aware of their environment. They are very intuitive, perceptive and have vivid imaginations. They use all their senses in their thinking.
If these abilities are not suppressed, and the child’s self-esteem is kept intact with positive reinforcement, the dyslexic individual will realize the gift that dyslexia truly is!