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Testimonials from Tutor trainees

diksa started its tutor training program in the year 2003. It conducted 10th year of tutor training program during July - August 2013. Here is what some of the participants had to say.

Right from day one, I was hooked to the training program and I felt that this was the best decision I had taken. This course not only taught us how to teach children with dyslexia, it also helped us to understand and empathize with each and every dyslexic behaviour. It helped us in identifying the severity of the issue and assess the difference between the child's potential and his/her academic performance. The course also helped us identify and nurture the child's strength.


A very special thanks to you for your meticulous planning of the course, giving us an all-round perspective of special education, providing the opportunity to teach practically, and for sharing several valuable aspects of the concept of dyslexia, and the many ways to approach teaching children with these conditions.

Bhaskaran Krishnamurthi

It has given me a new perspective in teaching in an interesting and effective way.

R. Manjula

The Tutor Training Course made me compassionate, understanding and empathize with what was happening to a child with Learning Difficulty and equip me to deal with it.


An eye-opener. A revelation of the learning pains of children. This course must be made compulsory to all school teachers.

Nandini Sridhar

I did the course in V- Excel and our course instructor was Mrs.Sudha Ganesh.

The training laid emphasis on holistic development of the child, rather than just meeting academic pre requisites. We were trained to

  1. Assess and find the discrepancy between the childís current performance and the expected performance based on age and other factors involved
  2. Find the childís strengths and weaknesses
  3. Mediate effectively with proper lesson plans based on the childís needs
  4. Evaluate constantly while working towards the target

We were also given the opportunity to observe and teach children under her supervision and guidance in her learning centre diksa, where we learnt the real art of doing remedial.

I should thank my instructor for patiently guiding me at each and every step. She is a pillar of strength behind many trainees. I wish God gives her immense strength and long life to train many more teachers.


I did my tutor training course at Sankalp and Mrs.Sudha was one of the resource persons. I personally thank her for developing in me the qualities of politeness and patience. Thank You Sudha Madam.

Sujatha K

I entered the teacher training program to help my child but Sudha Madamís positive attitude and friendly approach changed my attitude towards dyslexia. From an intention to help one this program gave me a determination to teach many.